Maryl. 15. Boston Crusaders 2014. I have weird hair, like bright colors, and my life revolves around dead composers and drum corps. Horn and piano are my weapons of choice. (Formerly mellophile) Instagram: maryl_harris Snapchat: maaaaryl French Horn French Horn

How we tune at the Boston Crusaders

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How we tune at the Boston Crusaders

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Anonymous: I don't know if you know but Sharknado 2 came out tonight. Jared from the subway commercials is in it.

oh my

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this germ-x was made for drum corps

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this germ-x was made for drum corps

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Anonymous: how did you manage move ins with exams and what not?

just worked it out to take my exams early!

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when there’s a group of your friends hanging out and youre like trying to join the conversation but dont know howimage

I’m relating to a turtle and an apple. IM RELATING TO A TRUTLE AND AN APPLE!

that’s a fucking tomato 

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Anonymous: Where do alternates go during shows? Like I couldn't find you/others near the pit or back or anything?

I was on the sideline in front of the pit

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Anonymous: If like to congratulate you for living in Florida cause I am dead after 3 days. I woke up and I was like no. I can't even with this summer heat.

I haven’t been in Florida for over 2 months but yeah

Anonymous: Why did you lose your spot? I saw you in Atlanta chillin but wasn't totally sure it was you.

I lost it for visual reasons

Anonymous: Show was great, shame I wasn't watching you on the field though, also shame I couldn't find you to say hi

glad you enjoyed it!!

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Anonymous: Well what do alternates do all day???

rehearse for basics and horn arc, usually stand on the sideline/do personal pt for visual and ensemble

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the-bando-commando: To the anon that asked if he could put a weight on his trumpet, use a pair of shoes and tie the strings together and have it hang over your horn like a power line haha. It won't stay on for any basics where you have to start or end horns down, but it will help with snapping your horn up and building muscle to play without any problems :) Hope this helped.

here you go!

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Anonymous: Do people who start off as alternates have to pay a full tour fee?

if they spend the whole season as an alternate, they get a refund.

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Anonymous: Are you marching tomorrow?


Anonymous: Wait so I can put weights on my trumpet? Can I put then somewhere where it won't make it like super top-heavy like a mute does?

I’m not a trumpet player, I’d suggest asking one of them for the best advice. Just be smart! Don’t do something that you think will damage your horn.

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Anonymous: what weights can you put on your instrument?

anything that works and doesn’t damage it!
ankle weights are easy to attach.

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